wireless internet in malaga

A powerful form of wireless internet comes to Malaga in the form of Wimax. From November, Malaga will become the first European city to use the Wimax technology, and only the second place in the world after the American state of Oregon. It has been confirmed that next month the Clearwire company will be testing the new network which will enable internet users to connect from anywhere in the city.
The plan consists of the installation of 25 nodes in the provincial capital, and these will be similar to the telephone antennae on the roofs of buildings. According to the Malaga Town hall this will simply be like having another telecommunications operator such as Telefónica or Ono, which will enable people to access the internet from any point of cover in the city.
The Clearwire Company offers a product similar to ADSL, via a card for a laptop computer or a wireless modem, but it will connect to the network through Wimax

Apart from this facility, the system permits greater coverage, within a radius of up to 48 kilometres, at speeds up to 70 Mbps and much greater bandwidth.

In a world where you can work from home via the internet, this technology will help Malaga become far more competitive destination and should help attract experts from all over Spain and other European countries, as well as company directors and manufacturers.

Andrew Belles

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