Spain, UK, France, Germany and Italy sign tax deal

An information exchange agreement has been singed by the finance ministers of Spain, France, Germany, UK and Italy in the latest effort to crack down on tax evasion. More..

Declare overseas assets, warns Hacienda

In a little over a week’s time anyone who lives in Spain for more than 183 days per tax year – and is, therefore, almost always categorised as being a ‘tax resident of Spain’ – and who has overseas assets worth more than 50,000 euros in any single asset class, should have declared them to the Spanish tax authorities. More..

Informing the taxman about assets held abroad

If you have a bank account, property, shares or bonds abroad worth more than 50,000 euros for each category of asset, then you have only about a week left to declare these assets to the taxman. Failure to do so on time could mean facing a hefty fine. More..

Property tax set to increase in many Costa del Sol municipalities

The measures recently approved by the new Spanish government, lead my Mariano Rajoy, will have an affect this year on more than a million homes and business premises throughout the province of Malaga. Or approximately 80% of the total. More..

Annual taxes Spain

Up to 2008 all property owners in Spain were liable for two separate taxes every year, income tax and wealth tax. The good news is that the Wealth tax has been suppressed this year and therefore from 2009 on, both residents and non residents just have to pay income tax. In effect, any non-resident individual with a property in his/her name is subject to an Income Tax of 24% of 2 percent (or 1.1% if the cadastral value has been revised after 1994) of the valor catastral, the official rated value of their property.