Spanish Economy forecast to grow


Spain’s economic growth is set to pick up as domestic demand benefits from an improving labour market, easier financing conditions, greater confidence and lower oil prices. Net exports, by contrast, are expected to dampen growth, although this effect will gradually diminish this year and next, as Spain’s competitiveness improves. At the same time, the government deficit should continue to narrow. More..

Record fall in unemployment since adopting the euro

SpainUEGetty_3154265b More..

Spain records best perfomance since 2008

Eurozone’s fourth largest economy defies deflationary threat to record its best performance since 2008


Kick-starting southern Europe

“MONEY is pouring in from everywhere,” said Emilio Botín, chairman of Santander, Spain’s largest bank, late in 2013. Others in southern Europe might say the same as they stumble over representatives of foreign-investment firms legging it round office blocks and down-at-heel plants looking for the deal of the century. More..

Spain is recovering according to IMF

Spain has turned the corner. The recovery started in the second half of 2013 and gained strength in the first quarter of this year, with the economy growing at the fastest pace since 2008. Led by robust exports and a sharp improvement in financial market conditions, confidence has recovered and is feeding into rising private consumption and business investment. Critically, labor market trends are improving. We expect the recovery to continue over the medium term. More..

Spain, UK, France, Germany and Italy sign tax deal

An information exchange agreement has been singed by the finance ministers of Spain, France, Germany, UK and Italy in the latest effort to crack down on tax evasion. More..

Will Spain’s bad bank work?

As I mentioned not too long ago in article, the Spanish Government would be setting up a ‘bad bank’ with the aim of buying up ‘toxic’ properties and land assets in the country in an attempt to clean up Spanish banks finances. More..

Investors Return to Spain as Surplus Reaches Record

Spain posted its second current account surplus in the euro’s history and foreign investors increased their holdings for the first time this year, helping Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s campaign to resist a bailout. More..

Spain to keep property tax incentives

The Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, asserted today that the Government has no intention of removing tax incentives for homeownership. “They are in effect because this government wanted it” and we do not see us change our minds, she added.


New train corridor connecting Andalucia with Europe


Foreign investment in Spanish property increases 32.8 percent

It appears that foreign investment in Spanish property is once again on the rise. This new wave of investment in probably due to the recent reductions that have been seen in the property market since the end of 2010. Investment in property in Spain surged by 32.8% in the first half of 2011 over the same period in 2010, to 2,445 million euros, according to the Bank of Spain.


What Spain can teach us about the UK housing market

There’s one factor more than any other that UK house price bulls use to back up their views. Supply and demand.

There are plenty of variations on the theme. But the general argument goes like this: “We live on a small island, our population is growing, and there just aren’t enough houses to go around.”

And the rebound seen in the market last year simply seems to confirm this view. There aren’t enough houses – so you can’t go wrong with bricks and mortar.

The bulls have got it right in one sense. House prices are indeed all about supply and demand. But it’s supply and demand for credit, not houses.

If you want the proof, just look at Spain…

Costa del Sol airport development to receive go-ahead

It appears that at the next general meeting of the Alhaurin de la Torre council in September, the councillors are to give the green light to an ambitious project to create an ‘airport city’. The project, over fifteen years, will lead to the creation of a commercial and industrial zone covering 3.8 million square metres in the north-eastern part of the municipality, near the extended Malaga airport.


Spain is Not Close to Bankruptcy: Amalgamation Should Not Mean Contagion

The downgrading of Spain was done for strange reasons. Spain’s has a debt to GDP of 90% (against 144% of for Greece) and a budget deficit of 7% (against Greece’s 14%). More importantly, the spread over German bunds is 250 bps against 700bps. With an AA rating (compared to Greece’s BB), even after the recent downgrading from AAA, Spanish creditworthiness is strong.


Spanish property mortgage relief

Recently the Prime Minister of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, announced that by 2011 mortgage relief for those earning more than 24,000€ will be stopped. After originally reading the article Zapatero and Common sense I have had time to do a bit of research on the topic and Spain does not seem to be alone in this ‘gesture’, with countries like Ireland having implemented similar measures recently.