The UK's Minister for Europe visits Malaga

Last weekend, Chris Bryant, Britain’s Minister for Europe visited Andalucía. Speaking exclusively to SUR in English, Bryant said there were three principal reasons for his trip. “Firstly, I wanted to listen to a range of issues which are affecting British expats in Spain; secondly I came to put some pressure on the Spanish authorities to resolve some long-standing property issues; and thirdly to appoint two additional civil servants to advise Brits on legal matters relating to property and social services,” he said.

Arriba Estates on Facebook

In an effort to make our articles more accessible to the public Arriba Estates has set up a facebook page where the latest articles will be Publisher as well as any property of interest. If you are already on facebook, all you have to do is go to Arriba Facebook and become a ‘fan’.

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Spanish property recovery is underway and prices will start to rise by 10pc per year says expert

I recently read an interesting interview with Mikel Echavarren, head of Irea, a Spanish real estate consultancy, talking about the state of the real estate sector in Spain. As an experienced professional in touch with many different companies in the sector it is worth listening to what he has to say. Here is a selection of comments from his Q&A with Idealista News, the news section of the property portal Idealista


Euribor and Spanish mortgage news

Euribor (12 months), the interest rate normally used to calculate mortgage payments in Spain, fell 1.4% in October to a record low of 1.243%.

Euribor has now fallen for 13 consecutive months, and is 76% lower than it was a year ago. The graph above illustrates how dramatic the fall in Euribor has been.

Condemned Spanish apartments advertised to UK buyers

‘This development, being built by one of the largest and most distinguished development companies on the Costa del Sol, is just a three-minute walk from Marbella town centre. The apartments in Banana Beach consist of one, two, three and four bedrooms, fitted to the very highest standards possible.”

Sounds great doesn’t it? You’d never guess from this glowing description that the Banana Beach development was built illegally and has been condemned to demolition. Despite this, the properties are being advertised on websites targeting UK buyers.

Pseudo-experts and Spanish property

At the beginning of August I saw an article in Money Week discussing the Spanish property market. Now for those of you that might not be familiar with the site, it looks primarily at investments; property, stocks, etc… Anyway, this respectable site wrote about the Spanish property market, which if you follow my blog, as an estate agent on the Costa del Sol could only be of interest to me.

Expansion of Malaga airport

For the many of you that have been to the Costa del Sol recently or are planning to come soon, the constant work being done at the Malaga airport has probably not gone unnoticed. The work as been ongoing now for a few years and looks like completion is coming soon, Easter 2010 according to the powers that be. Not bad timing considering a lot of people talking of many western European economies should be out of recession by then.

Costa del Sol property news

With all the positive feedback I have been receiving from this blog, I would like to inform all my readers of a new service being offered by Arriba Estates. I have set up a Costa del Sol property news section on our website to keep you informed of all property news on the Costa del Sol and throughout Spain.

Although I will of course keep on blogging, the news section, it is hoped, will become a resource for all news articles being published by reputable sources.

The news section has been up and running for a while, but had required some fine tuning. I intend to link to all articles of interest with a brief summary of what the article is about.

I have also added a link in the Useful Sites section.

Hope you find it useful.

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Electricity increases on the Costa del Sol

Good morning, I’m sure many of you have realised that suddenly you are getting electricity bill every month instead of bi-monthly from Endesa Sevillana.

What you probably don’t know is that the latest bill is probably not from the reading of the meter but is an estimate. So you are probably over paying! The government has said that this is not acceptable! If the electricity company is going to send out the bills every month, the metre will need to be read every month!

So if you have already paid, contact Sevillana and complain (reclamacion), and once they read the metre any additional payment you made will be refunded.

Sevilla-Endesa (costa del sol contact)
952 800 792
952 794 845

Andrew Bellés

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Media hyperbole

I’ve just finished reading an article on the about property in Spain and it actually made me laugh out loud. As with most media these days hyperbole and sensationalism to be the name of the game.