3 million properties to have rateable values increased

The increase in VAT and the expected increase in electricity bill will not be the only charges they will face some homes in the coming months. As stated in the draft State Budget presented by the government this weekend, the Ministry of Finance plans to review the assessed value of nearly three million homes in 2013, which in many cases will imply an additional tax burden to many families. Notifications of the Ministry are used by municipalities to prepare the local taxes. More..

Property tax set to increase in many Costa del Sol municipalities

The measures recently approved by the new Spanish government, lead my Mariano Rajoy, will have an affect this year on more than a million homes and business premises throughout the province of Malaga. Or approximately 80% of the total. More..

What the new government should do for the Costa del Sol

The below article was written prior to the elections last Sunday, but is still of interest as it looks at many of the urban projects that are still pending and will be beneficial to the Costa del Sol property.


Foreign accents on the Costa del Sol

The population of Malaga province is continuing to increase; however, this growth is mainly due to the presence of foreigners and it must also be said that the increase during the past year has been minimal and the population has grown by only 13,254 inhabitants. The economic crisis has led to a change in migration and the number of foreign residents in Spain has dropped by approximately 100,000.

Government cuts to delay progress on Malaga’s main infrastructure projects

Work on the major infrastructure projects under way in the province of Malaga is soon to feel the effects of the government cutbacks. If during the first couple of years of the downturn public works helped keep the province’s economy afloat, the situation looks set to change. On Wednesday the Minister of Development José Blanco announced where he would make his cutbacks, which amount to savings of some 3,200 million euros on a national level


Reading the signs of the Costa del Sol market

After finding the article the Spanish property bust, I thought it would be of interest to look at how the province of Malaga has done by comparison. Although there are no specific figures for the Costa del Sol, we can work on the assumption that has most of the population and infrastructure are along the Malaga coast, Malaga province equates with Costa del Sol in reference to property transactions.

Support for British residents in Andalucia

Chris Bryant (Minister of State for Europe and Consular Affairs at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office) has visited Spain this weekend where he discussed a wide range of issues affecting British citizens moving to and living in Spain.

Fighting Developers on the Costa del Sol

I just found this article on the Olive Press (link at bottom of article), that just shows that developers can be fought and the courts do not automatically side with them, a common misconception. If your case is strong enough you can win. Anyway without further ado here is the article.

Ryanair creates a new base on the Costa del Sol

Flipping through the local newspapers that other day I came upon a small article that just shows that even in a downturn, some businesses are still expanding and benefiting the local economy. In this case it is Ryanairs new base at the Malaga airport.

Expansion of Malaga airport

For the many of you that have been to the Costa del Sol recently or are planning to come soon, the constant work being done at the Malaga airport has probably not gone unnoticed. The work as been ongoing now for a few years and looks like completion is coming soon, Easter 2010 according to the powers that be. Not bad timing considering a lot of people talking of many western European economies should be out of recession by then.

Bank Guarantee

I thought it would be worth writing an article on bank guarantees (aval bancaria) as many people bought off-plan properties during the recent boom in construction here in Spain. So first of all, what is it?

Baby Shop Costa del Sol

If anyone is looking for a baby shop, I would definitely recommend Bibi-Lé in Fuengirola. It has a decent selection of all products that parents to be would need and what they don’t have, can be ordered.

The main reason why I would recommend this store is due to the absolutely wonderful customer service to be found here. We bought a push-chair from this store just over nine months ago and I had to return today, due to a torn tyre. As you can imagine I went prepared, with warranty in hand, ready to argue my case about why I needed a new wheel straight away!


Developers turning unsold properties into VPOs

According to the Junta de Andalucia, of the currently 45.000 unsold properties in the province of Malaga, approximately 20.000 properties are suitable to be converted into VPOs (subsidised housing) and are anxious to do so. To date only around 700 properties have been converted.


Decreasing petrol prices

On a bit of good news during all the doom and gloom we here in the news petrol prices have been steadily decreasing and are now below a euro a litre in many petrol stations in the province of Malaga.


wireless internet in malaga

A powerful form of wireless internet comes to Malaga in the form of Wimax. From November, Malaga will become the first European city to use the Wimax technology, and only the second place in the world after the American state of Oregon. It has been confirmed that next month the Clearwire company will be testing the new network which will enable internet users to connect from anywhere in the city.