How European regulation affects foreign resident’s Spanish Wills


The following article has been kindly supplied by Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt who I hope will become a regular legal contributor to my blog. Here we will be looking at the legal consequences that European Regulation 650/2012 is going to have on foreign resident’s Spanish Wills.


Expat takes on Danske bank over supposedly fraudulent scheme

Tempted by the offer of a salary for life and an inheritance tax reduction for his two daughters, Euan Armstrong, 73, signed up to an equity release plan in 2004 with Denmark’s biggest bank using his €2 million home in Spain as collateral.

Six years on, Mr Armstrong is forced to live with one of his daughters as he prepares to take on the bank that promised so much yet threatens to leave him penniless.


Non-resident Spanish inheritance tax

For any non-resident Spanish property owner, the article below may be of serious interest as it appears that, at the least, all EU residents will be able to take advantage of all the tax breaks that are currently available to Spanish tax residents in the cases of property inheritance. This may even have a retro-active benefit for anyone who has inherited a property since 2006.