Andalucia gets ambitious at FITUR



Spanish real estate attracting foreign investment

Spain plans to offer residency permits to foreigners who buy properties priced at more than 160,000 euros as part of its efforts to revive the real estate market and rid itself of hundreds of thousands of unsold properties. More..

3 million properties to have rateable values increased

The increase in VAT and the expected increase in electricity bill will not be the only charges they will face some homes in the coming months. As stated in the draft State Budget presented by the government this weekend, the Ministry of Finance plans to review the assessed value of nearly three million homes in 2013, which in many cases will imply an additional tax burden to many families. Notifications of the Ministry are used by municipalities to prepare the local taxes. More..

The danger of generalised property article

After posting the article on S&P and their property forecast I had someone contacting me panicking that these articles would be detrimental to Costa del Sol real estate. Although I can see why a negative article, would be viewed… well negatively, there are also reasons why it should be written about.

What the new government should do for the Costa del Sol

The below article was written prior to the elections last Sunday, but is still of interest as it looks at many of the urban projects that are still pending and will be beneficial to the Costa del Sol property.


Foreign accents on the Costa del Sol

The population of Malaga province is continuing to increase; however, this growth is mainly due to the presence of foreigners and it must also be said that the increase during the past year has been minimal and the population has grown by only 13,254 inhabitants. The economic crisis has led to a change in migration and the number of foreign residents in Spain has dropped by approximately 100,000.

The Spanish property market adjustment – where are we?

Recently there was a good article by José García Montalvo in the Spanish daily El Pais, discussing the present state of the Spanish property market, and asking what will determine the scale of the adjustment underway. Here is a summary of the article by García, a professor and real estate expert at Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University.

Fuengirola and solar panels

It was recently announced by the town hall in Fuengirola that work would start on the installation of Solar panels on all public buildings in Fuengirola. From what has been reported this work is to start this November and on completion will generate, in real time and with immediate effect, the equivalent of the power used by 304 households in a year.

Fuengirola property market

The summer months are traditionally a quiet time in the Real Estates business on the Costa del Sol as many of the people who visit the area are primarily in holiday mode. Beach, sangria and nightlife are the main concerns with little thought given over to property purchases.

Music licenses Costa del Sol

Recently we had a gentleman contact us about a business we had listed on our Spanish Bars website that I thought might be of interest. It involves music licences. An important topic for anyone looking at opening a bar or restaurant that would be open till late in the evening. For privacy issues I have removed certain details. The reply to the email was by Mark Wallace, our Business Consultant.


How the mighty have fallen

According to the Spanish press, Aifos a developer known for such projects as Terrazas de Torreblanca and Las Caballerizas, has been forced into receivership by one of its creditors!


Developers turning unsold properties into VPOs

According to the Junta de Andalucia, of the currently 45.000 unsold properties in the province of Malaga, approximately 20.000 properties are suitable to be converted into VPOs (subsidised housing) and are anxious to do so. To date only around 700 properties have been converted.


Decreasing petrol prices

On a bit of good news during all the doom and gloom we here in the news petrol prices have been steadily decreasing and are now below a euro a litre in many petrol stations in the province of Malaga.


Arriba Estates expansion

Due to a growing demand for businesses in Spain, Arriba Estates is now unveiling its fast growing commercial department Spanish Bars.


Costa del Sol holiday club scam

Yes I’m referring to time share. But before I continue, please note not all time share related companies are scammers; there are a few that do live up to their offers.
The reason for this article is due to the fact that a lot of the Holiday Club scammer operate in Spain, and quite a few can be found on the Costa del Sol.