Record fall in unemployment since adopting the euro

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Foreign buyers returning to Spanish property

In the third quarter Spanish property purchases by foreigners stood at 13.10% of the total, a new record, according to the ‘colegio de registradores’, which has you can imaging is being seen as a very positive sign that we all hope will continue. The British appear to be the largest group of foreign buyers, making up 18% of the total, followed by French, Russians and Germans.

Spain to invest billions in rail, road projects

In an interesting move, the Spanish government has stated that there will be further investments in Spain’s road and railway infrastructure. The article was posted on the Business Week website(link below). I think this is worth mentioning on a property related blog, as better communicated regions should lead in time to a positive increase in property prices and a general betterment of the Spanish economy.


Costa del Sol economy

According to the economic analysts of Andalucía the current economic recession will continue to affect Andalucía until the 4th quarter of this year with the GDP of Andalucía shrinking by 1.3% in 2009. This is in contrast to 2008 when GDP increase by 1.1% in Andalucía.