Spain is recovering according to IMF

Spain has turned the corner. The recovery started in the second half of 2013 and gained strength in the first quarter of this year, with the economy growing at the fastest pace since 2008. Led by robust exports and a sharp improvement in financial market conditions, confidence has recovered and is feeding into rising private consumption and business investment. Critically, labor market trends are improving. We expect the recovery to continue over the medium term. More..

Costa del Sol Business Directory

I have just created a new site, the Costa del Sol business Directory. As the name implies this is going a business directory for businesses on the Costa del Sol. I have only just started this blog, so it is not exactly jam packed with businesses yet, but if any of you do have a business you wish to advertise or wish to recommend, please email


Arriba Estates expansion

Due to a growing demand for businesses in Spain, Arriba Estates is now unveiling its fast growing commercial department Spanish Bars.