Spanish repossession and distressed property

So again I thought I would bring up those popular search terms, bank repossessions and distressed sales either in Spain or the Costa del Sol. On the side by of my blog you will notice a category titled ‘top posts’, and lo & behold Costa del Sol Bank repossessions and Bargain distressed property Costa del Sol come in second and third place for popularity.

Now do not misunderstand me, everyone wants a bargain when buying on the Costa del Sol. I did when I bought, and so will you. What I am having difficulty in understand is why people do a search on google or yahoo with terms such as distressed property for sale or bargain repossessions in Spain.

The point I am trying to make is that if an estate agent, whether Arriba Estates or anyone else for that matter, has distressed properties on the books, you don’t have a distressed property section on your website. A (real) distressed property in normal circumstances should sell in a very short time.

A good example would be this distressed property. The owner has just contacted us today to heavily reduce the price for a quick sale if not the property will be repossessed.

But instead of a distressed property section on the website, we have started to contact every client in our database that might be interested. And as soon as this has been done, every agent on the Costa del Sol and beyond will be contacted.

But as I am sure you will understand I am not simply going to fill this article and future ones with dozens of links to distressed properties. If you are interested in well priced properties contact us either via our website or on the Arriba Page and tell us what you are searching for. As soon as it’s on the market we will inform you.

Andrew Belles

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