Dear fellow petitioners,
You may remember that 17 months ago I submitted a petition to the Governor of the Bank of Spain with regard to the non-compliance of the various Spanish banks who were not honouring the guarantees given by them to protect deposits paid by purchasers of off-plan properties. You very kindly supported this petition and were signatories to it. The petition was briefly brushed aside by the Bank of Spain’s legal representative who in so many words suggested we deal with the matter through the courts. This in spite of the public pronouncements made by the Governor himself when explaining his powers to deal with recalcitrant banks.

Today I want to inform you of a further action being undertaken by a fellow sufferer, Keith Rule, leader of the Finca Parcs Action Group. He has devised a further petition regarding the problems surrounding bank guarantees. It was launched yesterday on the EyeonSpain website. Unlike the earlier one, this is a very thorough and precise exploration of the issues. Keith is attempting to provide the various leaders of the governments and relevant organisations of both England and Spain with HARD FACTS re the Spanish law (Ley 57/68), through which we are required to work, and the HARD FACTS connected with the miserable circumstances in which many of us have found ourselves.

The petition has been devised as a survey. It asks you to provide these HARD FACTS which will be compiled and presented as a dossier of evidence including formal statistics to the leaders that you will find listed at the head of the petition.

It has taken Keith two years of research, drafting and refining the petition and he has left no stone unturned to get it right and legally correct. I urge you to look at the website and complete as much of it as you can. Everyone can sign (anonymously if you wish – the only requirement is that you have an e-mail address) as it caters for all those who have had, or are having, to deal with a bank guarantee issue in their attempt to purchase an off-plan property. It allows for both winners and losers to sign and it also allows supporters of the spirit of the petition to sign, too.

The more HARD FACTS you can provide the stronger the HARD EVIDENCE.

Please get behind Keith and help to make this petition one that cannot be ignored.

Thank you.
Ruth Genda

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