Property investment on the Costa del Sol

An interesting article has come today in the hard print edition of the Sur in English that will be of interest to anyone looking at long term property investments at the moment. The new western Costa del Sol train link. The article in itself is not property related, but being an estate agent I cannot help but think along those lines (no pun intended).

Previously I wrote Future boon to Costa del Sol property which discussed the obvious benefits that the train line would have to property prices as it would increase the rental potential of the property.

So let us start of where the stations will be (from west to east)
SAN PEDRO: the station will be south of the A-7, near the town centre and with parking facilities
PUERTO BANUS: the stop here will be situation in the Holanducía area, north of the old N-340
MARBELLA WEST: The station will be built between the underground car park at Jacinto Benavente and ‘El Piruli’.
MARBELLA: The station will be built in front of the ‘La Ermita’, industrial estate, close to the La Bajadilla fishing harbour.
COSTA DEL SOL HOSPITAL: Here the station will be alongside the A-7, on the north side, near the Costa del Sol hospital.
LAS DUNAS: the stop will be near Cerrado de Elviria.
CALAHONDA: The terminal, north of Puerto de Cabopino.

From there is will connect to Las Lagunas and then into the existing Fuengirola line. According to the Andalucian government 5.3 million currently use the inter-urban buses each year, with a majority travelling from Marbella to Fuengirola and from there onto the airport. In total they expect around 9 million less road users, which can only be a good thing.
Also a lot of the properties between Fuengirola and Marbella are going to be less isolated, a benefit for those looking for long term or holiday rentals.

So if you are looking for a long term property investment on the Costa del Sol, these will be the areas to aim for along Marbella and Mijas Costa as many of the property prices are depressed, with 2 bedroom properties selling for around 120,000€ and generating 4/500€ per month rent. Once the train line is finished the same property should rent for closer to 650€ as there will be more potential tenants for the properties.
At the other end though, people who are currently renting properties out long term, will have to offer more value for money as the train line will open up the supply of rentals available only a train stop or 2 away.

So if you are a property investor, keep you options open as whole new areas of the Costa del Sol are going to open up and grow in the coming years.

Andrew Belles

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