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Mijas is a municipality located in the province of Malaga in Andalusia in Southern Spain. The heart of the municipality is Mijas Pueblo (where the town hall is located) and is located 450 metres above the mean sea level. Although a wealthy town, the village has kept its Andalusia character by maintaining itself as a white-washer village. There are building limits and all buildings must be white.

The village itself is a very popular tourist destination and is located only a few km from Fuengirola.  where people like to enjoy the sights and history, and of course take a donkey taxi around the village.

But there is more to the village than just the donkeys. There is the old Moorish fort (partially destroyed during the reconquista), spectacular sea views, and interesting jewellery shops. For the history lovers, Mijas Pueblo dates back to 600AD when it was named ‘Tamisa’ (now the name of a hotel) under the Romans.

What else? Well the legend revolving around ‘La Virgen de la Pena’ is quite interesting. According to the legend in 1586, 2 children, while tending their sheep, so an apparition of the Virgin Mary of told them of a shrine that had been hidden for the last 500 years in a crevice in the defensive walls of the village. The children told the local priest and after searching found the shrine. A new shrine was then dedicated to ‘La Virgen’ and today can be enjoyed in the setting of the ‘Paseo El Compas’ with its stunning views down to the sea.

For those not interested in visiting the village, there is also the area of Mijas Costa (on the coast) which is the main residential and commercial area and is located next to Fuengirola. And of course La Cala. Although Mijas has a range of golf courses, the most famous is La Cala golf, a 60 holes golf resort, which from what I’ve been told is the largest golf resort in Spain.

Although development in Mijas has been substantial over the last 2 decades, it has been at a more low key pace that other areas and has suffered far fewer cases of illegal builds that has plagued areas such as Marbella or Estepona for example.

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