Fuengirola and solar panels

It was recently announced by the town hall in Fuengirola that work would start on the installation of Solar panels on all public buildings in Fuengirola. From what has been reported this work is to start this November and on completion will generate, in real time and with immediate effect, the equivalent of the power used by 304 households in a year.

Futhermore this will lower Fuengirola’s carbon footprint due to the fact that as a clean renewable source, less energy will be needed from more traditional power stations. There is also, for many of us who live on the Costa del Sol and Andalucia, the further benefit that as these will be installed on existing buildings, there will be less of a need to cover unused/natural lands will solar panels. The land has already been cemented and built on, so why not maximise its use and mitigate the original environmental damage?

In total 22,000 square metres of solar panels will be installed on the rooftops of public buildings in Fuengirola, from the sports stadium to the multi-screen cinema.

In exchange for the contract to manage the solar farm, the Fuengirola Town Hall will receive a weekly fee which will amount to 12% of the profits made from the sale of the energy produced to the electricity companies. So not only will it be environmental, but will be a source of income for the town hall. Hopefully more town halls on the Costa del Sol will follow Fuengirola’s lead and create more sustainable ways of helping the environment and funding future investments

Andrew Belles

Source: Fuengirola Solar Farm

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