Foreign buyers returning to Spanish property

In the third quarter Spanish property purchases by foreigners stood at 13.10% of the total, a new record, according to the ‘colegio de registradores’, which has you can imaging is being seen as a very positive sign that we all hope will continue. The British appear to be the largest group of foreign buyers, making up 18% of the total, followed by French, Russians and Germans.

It appears that the traditional foreign buyers are returning to Spanish property with the British market increasing from 15.77% of the total in the last quarter to 18.06% in the last. The French market also saw some increase over the second quarter, but less than the first.
The Russian market came in third with 7.5%, but are showing a downward trend since the last quarter showed a result of 8.08% and 8.79% in the first quarter.

And here is a little table breaking it down in more detail by nationality.

Breakdown of Foreign buyers

Andrew Bellés

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