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In the current economic climate, which has seen a vast changes in interest rates, high unemployment and a very complex Inheritance Tax Law, I have decided to contact a financial services company. Siddals Spain has recently developed financial services specifically tailored to help people save time, money and combat the negative effect of the “credit crisis”.

I am sure you will all agree that we all need to focus and getting the best advice and making the most of our assets, therefore, Siddals have been kind enough to allow me to print their articles on my site, as long as they are given credit (of course) and an email address should anyone wish to enquire.

About Siddalls

We’re a long-established firm of independent financial advisors (we can trace our name back to 1883), with specialist expertise in the issues facing people moving or living abroad.
With offices in the UK, France, Spain and Australia (partner), we can help make the transition to your new life is as smooth as possible – managing your finances here as you prepare to make your move, and continuing the service overseas.
Whatever your circumstances and future plans, we can advise you on investments, wealth management, pensions, insurance, inheritance and tax planning. Everyone you deal with at Siddalls is professionally qualified and highly trained, and we’re regulated not only by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK, but also by the appropriate authorities in the countries where we operate.

John Siddall Financial Services Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with company number 2333489
Registered office: Trinity House, Anderson Road, Swavesey, Cambs, CB24 4UQ
VAT Number: 514 0358 80

Who do we help?

We give advice and support to people of all ages, with all kinds of desires and ambitions. Some are planning a new life for themselves and their young families. Some are retired or nearing retirement and moving for health or lifestyle reasons. Others are taking their first steps abroad and buying a holiday home.
Whether you’ve just had the ‘let’s move abroad’ idea on your way to work this morning, or are well advanced in your planning, we can help you.
We also work with people who’ve already moved abroad, and now realise they need professional financial help to make their new life run more smoothly. And some of our clients are those who’ve been there and done that, and now want to move back to the UK.
Everyone we help has one thing in common: they want to make the most of their money and property, both abroad and in the UK. Which is where our expertise comes in.

Our accreditations

Because we’re experienced, knowledgeable experts in the financial aspects of moving abroad. You’ll also find us friendly and professional – and we explain everything in plain, everyday language.
We have offices in the UK and abroad, so you always have someone nearby to talk to. And because we’re ‘on the ground’, we’re fully up to date with all the relevant finance regulations and other local issues.

Most importantly, all the advice and services that we offer is fully authorised and regulated in every country in which we operate.
Some similar companies operate without authorisation and you should be wary of these. There are 3 golden rules when selecting a financial adviser:
1. Check that they are fully authorised.
2. Take references on them.
3. Never pass your savings and investments to them. A good financial adviser will arrange for your savings and investments to go directly to the reputable bank or insurance company that they have recommended.

In the UK we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
John Siddall Financial Services Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with company number 2333489
Registered office: Trinity House, Anderson Road, Swavesey, Cambs, CB24 4UQ
VAT Number: 514 0358 80

In France we are registered as Conseil en Gestion de Patrimoine et Courtier d’Assurance RCS BX 498 800 465.
We are also registered with the Organisme pour le registre des intermédiaires en assurance -  ORIAS 07 027 475, Garantie Financiére et Assurance de Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle Conformes Aux Articles L 512-6 et 512-7 du Code Des Assurances.
In France we also have a ‘passport’ issued by the UK FSA to provide financial services.
Siddalls France SASU, Parc Innolin, 3 rue du Golf, 33700 Mérignac

In Spain we have a ‘passport’ issued by the UK FSA to provide financial services.

Our partner company in Australia – Global Pension is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Genesys Wealth Advisers Ltd, a holder of an Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence.

Why do you need our help?

There are two main reasons people come to us: to take full financial advantage of living abroad, and to avoid the many (often hidden) pitfalls.
Different countries’ tax regimes, laws and systems related to investment, wealth, property, inheritance and pensions can be a real minefield for the inexperienced. Currency fluctuations can be extremely costly, and language nuances can be baffling. So we can help by guiding you through these complexities, to make your money work harder for you in your new life.

How we work

Step 1 – We get to know you
We’re here for you. You’ll find our contact details all over this website, we are not an internet company and we welcome calls and e-mails from you. We’re happy to deal with any query, large or small, and we’ll take as much time as you need us to.
We understand that your situation is unique. So we won’t offer advice until we have a clear picture of your circumstances, aims and timings.  To help us build that picture, we talk to you or visit you but to help us get started we do ask you to fill in our online questionnaire and e-mail it back to us. If you’d rather download the form and then post your completed details to us, please do.  The information you give us helps us choose the person in our team whose experience is most relevant to your situation. You can be sure we’ll keep everything in the strictest confidence.

Step 2 – You appoint us
When we fully understand your needs, we’ll give you an outline recommendation of our services – with no obligation to you.  It is then up to you to decide whether you want Siddalls to help you with your finances.

Step 3 – You get a personal report
We research the financial markets and provide a bespoke report for you. We charge a fee for this report but can also work on a commission basis should you want to purchase any financial products detailed in the report. Some people work with us on a part fee / part commission basis – the choice is yours. We do not make any charges without agreeing them beforehand with you.

Step 4 – We work together
On your approval, we carry out the recommendations in the report.

Step 5 – We continue to support you
We provide you with continuous service and support.
We don’t rush you. The way you manage your finances will have a major influence on how successfully you settle abroad. So we help you to plan carefully, and make full use of our expertise.

Our history

Siddalls has been providing financial services since 1883. We set up our current UK head office in Fareham in the 1960s, meeting a growing need for investment advice and management, and pension planning.
Until the 1990s, we were dealing mainly with people in the UK – but as more and more of our clients began moving permanently to France, we began to develop our services to help them deal with the specific financial issues of relocating. We opened our French head office in Bordeaux in 1996, and more French offices soon followed. In 2000, our acquisition by the IFG Group Plc gave us the extra resources we needed to expand into Spain and Australia.
Today, Siddalls is recognised as a leading specialist in the financial aspects of moving or living abroad. We help hundreds of people every year as they adapt to life in a new country, advising them on how to make the most of their money and property.

IFG Group Plc

All companies within the Siddalls Group are wholly owned subsidiaries of the IFG Group Plc.
The IFG Group is a financial services company, with headquarters in Dublin and operations in the UK, Isle of Man, Jersey, Cyprus, Spain and Switzerland. Its main activities include providing independent financial advice in Ireland and the UK, mortgage and title insurance services in Ireland, and international and corporate trustee services.

If you would like more information fron Siddals email

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