Electricity increases on the Costa del Sol

Good morning, I’m sure many of you have realised that suddenly you are getting electricity bill every month instead of bi-monthly from Endesa Sevillana.

What you probably don’t know is that the latest bill is probably not from the reading of the meter but is an estimate. So you are probably over paying! The government has said that this is not acceptable! If the electricity company is going to send out the bills every month, the metre will need to be read every month!

So if you have already paid, contact Sevillana and complain (reclamacion), and once they read the metre any additional payment you made will be refunded.

Sevilla-Endesa (costa del sol contact)
952 800 792
952 794 845

Andrew Bellés

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3 Responses to “Electricity increases on the Costa del Sol”

  1. BaznGilly says:

    It is not so much a problem that Endesa have changed to billing each month or the estimates. The greater problem is the continual increase in costs:
    2004 = 0.080899 per kw
    2009 = 0.111525 per kw

    The other problem is trying to find the address to write to for complaint? Any help?

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi BaznGilly,
    As I understand it, the costing is due to some EU regulation, the prices have to be brought up to some EU level. I could be wrong about this though.
    Its also worth noting the endesa gets all its electricity from Iberdrola, so most people could get cheaper electricity by switching providers.

    About contacting them, I’d recommend phoning as they do record the conversations.

  3. Andrew says:

    2004 = 0.080899 per kw
    2009 = 0.111525 per kw

    BaznGilly you are absolutely right. Supposedly this was due to the increase in the cost of fuel. Yet its at record lows now, and suprise, suprise the electricity companies are not passing on the benefits…

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