Costa del Sol town halls given a key role in fighting crisis

In an interesting more Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is giving Spain’s town halls are to be given a key role in fighting Spain’s economic crisis.

The plan is that town halls will help stimulate the economy by spending 8 billion Euros (of a total of 33 billion) on small infrastructure projects that cost up to 5 million Euros. The idea behind this is that it will help get many on the current unemployed back to work and improve the existing infrastructure of many of the municipalities. This will be a particular boon to the Costa del Sol as if will help the area remain competitive in the tourism sector.

Currently there are many outstanding projects that have been pending throughout the Costa del Sol, which we should now see get the go ahead.
The danger of course is that in recent years a lot of municipalities have seen cases of corruption leveled at the town halls, I’m looking at you Marbella! Although it should be noted, there has been a large and very public attempt to clean up the town halls.

Of course there is no miracle cure to the recession and this stimulus will only have a limited effect. In the short term, it will get many back to work, what need to be done is for town halls to invest some of these proceeds into education projects to benefit the unemployed through training projects, etc… to give them new skills to find new types of work that will have a more lasting benefit than construction.

It is my opinion that we will see a lot of wastage, what do you expect when you throw money at politicians??? BUT we will also see big improvements in some municipalities. I believe that people like Esperanza Oña, the mayor of Fuengirola, will use the money constructively to further improve Fuengirola. Her track record is already quite impressive, so let’s hope she and likeminded mayors keep it up!

Andrew Belles

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