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I originally intended for this blog to be about lifestyle on the Costa del Sol, but as I’m sure a few of you might have noticed I have started to concentrate more and more on property related news. Given this, I’ve decided to change the name of the blog from Costa del Sol lifestyle to… can you guess???

Costa del Sol property blog! That’s right, property! It makes sense for me and hopefully to you. Most of the articles and issues that affect most people on the Costa del Sol involve property, whether selling, buying or renting.

Of course that does not mean I’ll only right about property on the Costa del Sol, but hopefully also on a myriad of other issues that affect property. Whether it’s a governmental economic package, infrastructure projects, crime, etc…

I’m going to keep the current theme and categories until I can dedicate more time this blog, but the first thing I’m going to do is change the title!

Everything else will come in time.

Andrew Belles

P.S. unless I get complaints by email or via comments (unlikely I think) demanding a change back the title will remain Costa del Sol property.

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  1. Nick at Casares says:

    Well done on the blog – Costa del Sol great place for property and lifestyle. Lets hear about the main tourist sports as well as the little know areas like Casares del Sol.

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