Costa del Sol new build stock halved in 2011

Developers in Malaga province (home to the Costa del Sol) sold 10,000 new homes in the course of 2011, almost half the stock of 25,000 new homes on the market at the start of the year, according to the Association of Builders and Developers of Malaga (ACP).

Lower house prices have helped boost sales, and a huge drop in housing starts over the last 3 years, most acute in popular tourist resorts like Marbella, means that the housing glut is shrinking fast.

Given the long lead times in the building industry, there could be an acute shortage of new housing a couple of years from now.

Shortages will be made worse if demand recovers to its normal level of around 22,000 new homes a year, based on the size of the population. Unemployment or fear of unemployment is keeping many potential buyers out of the market.

45pc of Malaga’s 200,000 unemployed are young adults who be first time buyers looking to start a family if they could afford to.

Much of the blame for this sorry state of affairs lies with politicians says José Prado, President of the ACP. “In recent years they’ve done nothing but earn a fortune from construction and made no effort to attract investors.”

Source: Article by Mark Stucklin

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