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Recently I became a patient at the International Xanit Hospital in Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol. It was a simple operation (removal of a kidney stone) which went perfectly. Anyway the reason for writing this quick article is simply due to the fact that I wanted to find out contact details for the hospital on Google and little of the information was in English. So hopefully some of this information will be of help. I found it to be an excellent hospital with friendly, professional staff (pretty nurses too). And for many non-Spanish speakers, a majority of the staff were bi-lingual.

The hospital itself covers 13.000 m2 over five floors with a total of 133 suites, each catering to 1 patient each. There are an additional 13 Intensive Care beds (10 ‘normal’ plus 3 isolation beds), together with a Day Hospital and a 9 bed recovery room. All rooms are equipped with satellite television, web link, air conditioning, fully fitted bathroom, extra bed. Very fancy, even for a private hospital.

There are a large variety of medical and surgical services that use some of the most advanced technology available in the world. Theses include

Patient Classification Room
Critical Care Unit
Cardiopulmonary Reanimation Room
Cast and treatment Room
Emergency X-rays
First Aid Room for injured patients
Surgery Service
Cardio surgery operating theatre
Vascular and Interventionist Radiology Theatre
3 Multi use operating theatres.
Minor and Ambulatory Surgery Theatre

Labour and delivery Room.
Preaneshtesia Room
Recovery Room.
9 beds Day Hospital

There is even a convention centre and a pretty decent restaurant.
Xanit International Hospital
Camino de Gilabert, s/n
29630 Benalmádena (Málaga)
Phone number: 952 443 119
Fax number: 952 576 661

Hope this help if you’re looking for a private hospital on the Costa del Sol.

Andrew Belles

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  1. Lynda Strachan says:

    I spent 7 weeks in Intensive Care in this hospital. When I came off life support, I could not believe how clean this hospital was. Dr Benitez and his team were excellent.Could not fault this hospital. Did not get the chance to transfer to the other ward as I was anxious to get home to Edinburgh. I was air ambulanced back to the UK and this was my biggest regret. I spent 2 weeks in NHS Hospital where I caught 3 infections. I am hoping to return to spain in March 2009 and will be visiting Xanit to convey my thanks to all who looked after me.

  2. costafan says:

    I had the misfortune to be admitted to this hospital last week with campylobacter food poisoning. The medical care was fine until the emergency reception ward where I was left sitting, after having a drip put up by an unsmiling male nurse who grabbed my hand and said “dont move”. I felt sick and asked a passing nurse with long hair hanging all round her face, for a sick bowl. She shoved a plastic bag at me without a word or a smile. I was left sitting freezing cold with a hospital gown on for over an hour. Eventually a porter appeared and I asked him how my husband would know where I was being taken. He got out his mobile and informed them downstairs to tell my husband. The lack of information and communication was a disgrace. Upstairs on the floor the nurses were okay but hardly came in the room at all. My bed was not changed or even made in 2 days, I made it myself in the end. I was longing to be back in Scotland in an NHS hospital I can assure you. I eventually signed myself out and had to pay 1800 euros for the privilege of being in this wonderful place. Never again!

  3. Intensive Care Patient says:

    I spent five days at Xanit, three of them in intensive care. The hospital is scrupulously clean, the facilities are state-of-the-art, and the doctors and surgeons are skilled. However, the nurses — especially those in intensive care — were uncaring and unprofessional. They performed tasks at their pleasure and ignored requests. They were discourteous and admonished patients if anything went wrong. Once I was covered in blood because a catheter had come out and when a nurse finally came to fix it, she told me that “it was my fault.” Another humiliated and yelled at me because I had difficulty negotiating the urinary bedpan. He couldn’t have been more than twenty years old and yet there he was, screaming at an elderly, professional man like he was a child. The nurses’ behavior did not contribute to my well-being.

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