Costa del Sol holiday club scam

Yes I’m referring to time share. But before I continue, please note not all time share related companies are scammers; there are a few that do live up to their offers.
The reason for this article is due to the fact that a lot of the Holiday Club scammer operate in Spain, and quite a few can be found on the Costa del Sol.

During the summer season you see them hunting in packs either on foot or on a scooter in Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Marbella, etc… and of course they target the tourists.

The problem is, most Holiday Club victims are British and do not know their rights. Regardless of the sum put down, in the first 14 days YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

For those who have fallen victim to these scammers, an association called ABOGADOS is taking on cases to fight this blight.

There is also EU legislation in place to help.

Below you will find to short videos, the first one is a victim recounting his experiences with some holiday Club scammers. Quite a novel video.

The second is from a BBC report highlighting some of the dodgy dealing and how they try to rope you in.



Andrew Belles

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3 Responses to “Costa del Sol holiday club scam”

  1. Hi Andrew

    You have to distinguish between timeshare and holiday clubs. Their are two different things. I have been working 10 years in the timeshare industry in several management positions hence the reason I can clearify this.

    In the year 1998 the Spanish Government intruduced a long overdue legislation on timeshare based on a directive form the EU from 1992. It took them 6 years to implement the directive into national law and only did so when the EU threatened with sanctions.

    The law regulates timeshare as a product as well as its sales technics and certain aspects of costumer protection. This includes a cooling off period of 10 days and a total ban on deposit payments.

    Many of the old school sales men and sales managerd where not able to adapt their marketing and sales stratgies to the new regulations.

    Instead they created a “product” similar to timeshare which did not qualify to be timeshare and therefore does not fall under the timeshare regulations: The holiday clubs.

    In other words: holiday clubs are a product designed to circumvent the timeshare regulations. In most cases the inventory these clubs hold in timeshare resorts does not support the demand of the members and is usually “left over week” which owners of real timeshare did not use.

    Also as the sales men usually are only interested in getting the deposit they lie as if there was no tommorrow. My advise is: if you like the concept and you can easily afford it, buy a real timeshare and stay away from holiday clubs.

    Real timeshare companies operating on the Costa del Sol would be:

    Club la Costa
    Marriotts Vacation Club
    Diamond Resorts (former Sunterra

    All three offer luxury accomodation at stunning resorts. Timeshare is, in my not so humble opinion, a great alternative for families to enjoy the comfort of a home-like apartment or villa as oppossed to a hotel room but still having all the amenities and services of a hotel-like vacation resort.

    Just never make the mistake to buy timeshare as an investment. Simply because its not and it was never meant to be. Its a luxury leisure product and a resale market does not exist really.

  2. Peter Barthram says:

    I have paid 600 euros to a company called Global Travel network, does anyone know if they are reputable. They have called me on several occasions with updates but nothing for the last 2 weeks. Does anyone have their number . Starts 0208 018

  3. Andrew says:

    Hi Peter,

    I can’t give too much help with this, but maybe this forum will help. They mention several timeshare companies.
    If not just start a thread there, seems to coer everything

    Best of luck

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