Costa del Sol cost saving measures

It appears that is these difficult times, many town halls all here on the Costa del Sol are a range of incentives and discount to help motivate us to pay our taxes, etc… This information is based on an article from the Sur in English from the 10th of October. I would recommend using the following information as a guide, contact you town hall directly and find out what other schemes are in place that by be a benefit.

IBI: There a discounts for families with more than 3 children, the under 30s, the unemployed, pensioners, families with children under 12 months and victims off domestic violence.
Housing: Any potential increase in the Valor Catastral has been put on hold
Municipal taxes: Have increased in keeping with inflation. That equates to a 4.6% increase.

Municipal taxes:
Discounts for groups with greater difficulties. Unemployed, low income, etc…
Charges: Increased in line with inflation

Municipal taxes: payments can be made in instalments
Discounts: 30% discount on all local taxes except road tax for residents on the population census (empadronamiento). Pensioners receive a 15% on IBI and pay no Basura tax.

IBI: payment deadline extended.
Reductions: Business opening licences, capital gains tax (plus valia), building tax. Discounts up to 95% for projects for municipal use.

Discounts: IBI, plusvalia, IAE (economic activity tax) and ICIO (construction tax).

Will be dropped to 0.85% of the property’s catastral value. Subsidies in place for owners whose property catastral value has already risen.
Refuse collection: The charge will be reduced using a payment system based on a scale of property values. Taxpayers whose property has a catastral value of less than 10.000 euros and an income of no more than 18.000 euros.
Business opening licences: Fees reduced by 33%. For change in owners fees reduced by 50%

Nerja, Rincon and Torrox
Municipal: increases in keeping with inflation

Municipal taxes: discounts available. Might be a freezing of charges, currently under consideration

If you town hall is not mentioned, it does not mean there are no discounts in place. Simply that they are not on this list.

Hope this information has helped

Andrew Belles

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