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I have recently been contemplating whether to post this article or not regarding repossessions. With the market being the way it is (or at least perceived) repossessions in Spain still seems to be a popular topic for those hoping to find rock bottom properties. As I have previously mentioned in previous repossession related articles, a bank repossession in Spain does not in most cases offer particularly interesting discounts/prices nor do they offer the locations that most people are searching for.

But then again, as you can see from this blog, I am an estate agent and you will assume I have a vested interest in trying to get you to buy the properties we have on offer. Let us be honest with each other, the idea of this blog is to offer a bit of publicity for my agency. But that does not mean I cannot be honest and offer you the information to make the correct and best decision for yourself.

So what I have done is included below many of the banks with repossessions, along with links to the estate agencies that the banks have set up.

Just remember, simply because it is a repossession, does not mean you will not find a similar or better property on the market as the same or lower price!

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800 properties being sold through directly from the Bancaja website

Caixa Catalunya
Has around 3,500 properties in Spain. They have set up Procam Inmobiliaria.

Banco Santander
Approximately 900 properties for sale throughout Spain. The estate agency is called Altamira Real Estate.

BBVA is selling its stock via Anida. Currently stock stands at around 1,500 properties

With approximately 2,500 bank repossessions CAM has set up Mediterranean International.

Banco Popular
Around 700 repossessed properties in Spain. They have created Aliseda Gestion Inmobiliaria.

Banesto currently has over 1,000 properties around Spain. Although several of their properties are available through agencies, they also have their own real estate portal Casaktua.

La Caixa
Approximately 2,000 resale properties throughout Spain, with the largest group of properties located in Murcia. As with many other banks they have created the agency Servihabitat.

Bancaja has around 800 properties for sale, mostly in the Valencia and Castellon region.

Caixa Catalunya
La Caixa seems to have around 3,500 properties all over Spain, with a few rent to buy options thrown in. The agency they have set up is called Procam.

Arriba Estates S.L.
Not a single repossessed property on our books, but there might be a few distressed. But at the end of the day you have a clear idea what you are looking to buy and how much you wish to spend. We have better priced properties for sale on the Costa del Sol than many offering repossessions.
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  1. Amanda says:

    How refreshing! I like your attitude. All too often businesses on the CDS have this short term view – money in the pocket today and to hell with service. I suspect the reason is that many of them are not experienced professionals in their fields and do not have a viable business in the first place. In all honesty I too started getting into forums etc as a way of promoting our business but hopefully anyone who reads what we have to say will realise that giving clients as much information as possible to enable them to make informed decisions is also a strong part of our ethos.
    I just bookmarked your blog!

  2. Dentists El Paso says:

    I agree, this is quite refreshing. I am happy to see that there are still honest people here. I appreciate this in-your-face attitude.

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