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If anyone is looking for a baby shop, I would definitely recommend Bibi-Lé in Fuengirola. It has a decent selection of all products that parents to be would need and what they don’t have, can be ordered.

The main reason why I would recommend this store is due to the absolutely wonderful customer service to be found here. We bought a push-chair from this store just over nine months ago and I had to return today, due to a torn tyre. As you can imagine I went prepared, with warranty in hand, ready to argue my case about why I needed a new wheel straight away!

Before I even had a chance to muster my arguments, the lady had welcomed me like a long departed friend, had a look at the wheel and whisked off to the back room and brought me out a brand new one she had in stock. After worrying whether it was the right type, she took the old broken one of me and told me to hold onto the warranty in case it was needed for a serious problem in the future.

It is always a pleasure to find a family run store like this one that offers such a service. If you are in Fuengirola or Mijas Costa, you could do a lot worse than visiting this baby shop. I will warn you though, this is a Spanish shop and they’re English is limited.

Bibi-Lé can be found in:
Avenida Jesus Santos Rein, 11
Edificio Vega, 3 – Fuengirola
Telephone: 952 462 320

Andrew Belles

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7 Responses to “Baby Shop Costa del Sol”

  1. Sally Watson says:

    On the subject of baby shops, another one worth a look is indybel. This is acutally an online baby store so you don’t need to move from your home, the beauty of it is they specialise in British products and lots of stuff that can’t be found in the Spanish shops. They also sell pregnancy products, which is nice. When I was pregnant I wanted some raspberry leaf tea, and Indybel was the only store I could find in Spain that stocked it. I placed my order and had my tea a few days later. Now my little one is here I’ve had great fun shopping from my front room for her while she’s sleeping and they have some really lovely products … so it’s well worth a visit … the site is

  2. bodil says:

    I too recommend this little spanish babyshop in Fuengirola. Shopping online is great for bored housewifes who cant bother to leave the house, but I prefer real interaction with people, local shops and fantastic customer service with a friendly smile. Wherever you live, I feel you should support the shops and businesses in your neighbourhood, especially in these times.

    Rasperry leaf tea can be found many places here in Fuengirola, I bought some in a scandianvian shop and I’ m sure it can be found in a herboristeria as well.

  3. Sally Watson says:

    In reference to bodil’s comments, I am not a bored housewife, more a tired and busy new mum without full time transport who does not always have the time to go shopping. When my baby is sleeping, I enjoy browsing the net and yes I occassionaly buy something! And as the online store I mentioned ( indybel ) is also a local business, then surely it’s not a crime to support them too…. It’s also worth mentioning that in many shops, the customer service is not so great and the interaction is nil! My online shopping experiences with all the sites I’ve used have always been good, the products have arrived quickly and if I’ve had queries, they’ve been awnsered immediately by email. I feel these forums should be a place where we can swap information and give advice, not attack other users and suggest they are ‘bored housewives’ when actually they might be anything but …

  4. bodil says:

    I am sorry if I came across a bit crass. It was not ment as an attack, I simply agree with the blogger who has had a great experience with the above mentioned babyshop.

    I am too a busy mom with two little ones, I don’t drive and has to navigate with a double buggy in Fuengirola. We do things differently, I too get my shopping done while the kids are sleeping .. in the pushchair :) I like fresh air and I feel it is important for the kids to interact with people everyday, even if it is doing ‘boring’ stuff like shopping ( we just hit the playground after).

  5. Andrew says:

    Dear Sally regarding your comment
    “It’s also worth mentioning that in many shops, the customer service is not so great and the interaction is nil!”
    That is the reason for this actual article. This shop offered a wonderful service.
    I do agree with you that poor service is never an issue with online sites, but this also applies to very good service

  6. Sally Watson says:

    I totally agree that getting out and about with a baby is a great thing and do it as much as I can, I also agree that when good service is found in a shop it should be applauded and I am the first to praise a shop, institution or any other kind of service if they provide a good, happy and helpful service! ( which was why I was praising the online shop in the first place, as they had a great range of products and they sent what I needed quickly and nicely packaged. ) I shall however certainly make sure to pop into the shop in Fuengirola next time I am in town as it’s great to find good shops on one’s doorstep! ( nb poor service does exist with online shops, I am currently waiting for some xmas pressies to arrive from an American site and they are late! I’ll be sending a cross email today! … unfortunatly these were pressies that coudn’t be bought in a physical shop, so had to be done online! )

  7. Andrew says:

    Hi Sally,

    I don’t know if it would be of interest but please refer to this article


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