700 homes without the Licence of First Occupation are stuck in legal limbo

Political battle lines are being drawn in Mijas over the 700 properties in the Calahonda Royale development. Home owners in the urbanisation, which is located near the Mijas Costa/Marbella border, just north of the N340, have been waiting for over a decade to be granted the first occupancy licence, ‘licencia de primera ocupacíon.’

Last week a spokesman for the opposition party, Partido Popular (PP), said that it is to take the case to the Prosecutor in Malaga to clarify how this development went ahead “without adjustments to the 1995 General Urban Plan (‘PGOU’) being given approval.” The PSOE, the party which leads the Mijas Town Hall, has issued a statement saying that they would study the case but that it occurred “outside the current council’s time.”

“We just don’t know what is going on,” says one British resident who didn’t want to be named. “It’s a worrying time for people who own properties here as there are all sorts of rumours going around. Everyone pays their taxes and complies with all the regulations… and it is not the residents’ fault the authorities didn’t get their act together in the first place. Now we’re stuck in a kind of limbo.” Her neighbour, a Swedish tenant says, “The Parties are using where we live, our homes, as a political football. It is not fair.”

According to the PP, those responsible for the situation include the former Mayor, Agustín Moreno, the then Town Planning Councillor, Luis Vasco, and the department’s current leader, Juan Cruz, who they accuse of being an “accomplice.” In addition, the party claims the Junta de Andalucía “turned a blind eye” and “ignored their town planning supervision duties.”

“We invested nearly everything we had buying our place here and we’re really, really worried about what will happen next. It was meant to be peaceful retirement home for us; it was a long-standing dream and we’re not sure of anything any more,” says the British home owner. “It feels like the wind has been taken out of our sails a bit.”

“We’ve not had any problem with the contracting of the utility services, like water or electricity, so I cannot understand why, all of a sudden, this is coming up,” says the Swedish proprietor in Calahonda Royale. “Why are they doing this now? Maybe it is part of large-scale plan as there may be other places nearby in the same situation. If they’re doing this to us here, they should do it to everyone or it seems to be victimisation. But I love living here and want it all sorted.”

Source: Sur in English, March 5th to March 11th 2010 author: George Prior

source: Mijas property

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